Milana Wallace

Milana Wallace

Hello, I am the creator of Mopsy, this is me. My name is Milana.

Mopsy is my nickname - as a toddler I had a big mop of crazy curly hair and absolutely loved Beatrix Potter's "Peter Rabbit", featuring Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail; it would have to be read to me every single night before bed or I would have an enormous tantrum. Mopsy began a few years ago for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, as an experienced graphic designer, I returned to full-time work after having kids and found it frustrating working for people who would micromanage me - I couldn't use my skills properly and I didn't enjoy it; I was selling myself short. Secondly, I found it so hard to find quality souvenirs, especially Melbourne-themed, that were made in Australia. From here the idea emerged to create a range of Melbourne designs.

As I grew up in Melbourne, there was so many aspects I loved about this beautiful city. My favourite adventures were riding the rattling W class trams in the city, meeting my aunty on the steps at Flinders Street Station, seeing the Skipping Girl sign lit up in Abbotsford, watching a movie at the Sun Theatre and during a lazy day at the beach, getting an ice-cream at the St Kilda Pier Kiosk - all wonderful and nostalgic childhood memories that I look back on fondly.

My desire was to design illustrations that were contemporary, stylish and modern that would invoke an emotional connection for tourists who visited and locals. Starting with rough sketches and photo references, the process began to create each design. Each one needed it's own individual personality; it had to be different and unique. It was a lengthy process but well worth the time invested.

This is how the "Love Melbourne" range of prints were created. Now it was time to step up and be my own boss - to bring Mopsy to life (both utterly terrifying and exhilarating at the same time). But I love what I do and it is my passion.

So that's my story; thank you if you got this far, Milana.

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