Why a “W Class Tram” design?

For my Love Melbourne range I wanted to create designs that were quintessentially Melbourne;  so the moment you looked at the image it would make you think immediately of Melbourne. The designs needed to be appealing to a Melbournian as a keepsake or momento and to visitors and tourists alike as a souvenir from their travels.

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Having traveled around many parts of the world, I saw what other countries had for tourists to buy as a momentos or keepsakes from their travels. I wanted something that was made in the country of origin; authentic and locally produced. Finding out that most items were mass produced and very poor quality was disappointing.


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Mopsy began in 2015, to create a business that I was passionate about, was the essence of me and no matter what happened, it was my story. 

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How many times have you been travelling, wanted to buy a souvenir or keepsake, finally found something only to discover that it was made somewhere else? I find it so frustrating; I don’t want to buy a Melbourne keepsake that is made in China - no way!

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