More space. Less content. Stronger message.

In an effort to put as much information into the one space, it becomes overloaded, overcrowded and confusing. We have to sift through too much information to find the message, by this time, a mere few seconds, we tire from the task and move on.

Great design is delivering the solution in the simplest way. Think of all the most memorable brands; Nike, Chanel and Google, just to name a few. They nailed keeping it simple.

When designing my Bush Buddies range I wanted to have a representation of our beautiful Australian native animals in a very clean, simple and bold style. I'd seen lots of other illustrations that were lovely but very similar to each other. So the design was pared back so that only the basic shapes and colours could distinguish what animal it is. I wanted something that would stand the test of time and still look good in 20 years time.

Bold shapes, clean lines and striking colours create a strong memorable image. 

It then made it easy to design complimentary souvenir and keepsake products for the Bush Buddies range like the removable fabric wall decals, growth chart, sticker sheet and A-Z Alphabet poster/print. 

So, remember when you're creating, designing, making magic; keep it nice and simple.

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