Which is why I chose to create a series of original designs that celebrate this amazing city.

My aim was to depict some of the most iconic places in Melbourne. What does Melbourne mean to me and how would I describe it? For me the architecture and landmarks are what make Melbourne so diverse and captivating.

The city is divided into so many unique pockets; carnivale-like St Kilda, groovy and cool Brunswick, eclectic and grungy Smith St, cosmopolitan Lygon St, sophisticated and contemporary Richmond Hill and the beating heart of the CBD.

So places like Flinders Street Station, where the popular phrase: "Meet me under the clocks" originated, was an obvious choice to re-create. The stunning stained glass windows of the ballroom above the main entrance is what really resonated. The intricate and ornate patterns are just stunning, so I wanted to incorporate this into the design. 

Dimmey's clock is another cool part of our history. Rising above the hustel and bustle of Swan St and struggling to be seen amongst the new developments, the circular dome reminds us Dimmey's Forges; a department store that once was. 

The Nylex Clock is visible from a vast array of locations across Melbourne; I just love the silhouette on the skyline whether it be sunrise or sunset - magical!

Sport is so popular in Melbourne, and although I'm not a foory fan at all, I love the MCG. Not sure why; maybe it's from seeing it every morning on the train when I used to commute into the city. It's like a reminder that you're nearly at your destination. But, for sports fan it's the hallowed ground where legends are made.

"Little Audrey" is one of Melbourne's best known neon signs. For over 30 years she was the illuminated advertisement for Skipping Girl Vinegar in Victoria Street, Abbotsford. She still merrily skips away and brings me a smile.

St Kilda Pier sits out bobbing above the water off St Kilda foreshore at the end of the pier; its just really cute and I like it. I'm a sucker for geometry, in case you didn't know, so the cool circles and suares in this building remind me of a face that is slightly half asleep.

Melbourne trams are the lifeblood of the city; moving people around day in day out. They're a great way to get around but a tad annoying if your driving in the city; watch out for trams! You used to be able to hang out of the side of them as it travelled with the wind through your hair. They seemed to hover over the tracks but shake everyone around inside them; hence the nickname - Green rattlers!

When Federation Square was first unveiled I didn't like it at all; but now I absolutely love it. It's not just a building; it's a meeting place, exhibition space, eating place and celebration place and tourist hub. I love it because it is so different; like Melbourne - made up of many different facets. 

Luna Park; with it's garish enormous face grinning at you! The promise of what is about to happen once you enter under the toothy dome.For over 100 years, this nostalgic St Kilda amusement park has been providing fun and laughter for all generations. A trip to Melbourne is not complete without a visit or at least a look at this colourful seaside palace.

So that's why I Love Melbourne - hope you do too!

The designs are available as prints, tea towels, magnet sets, cards, tote bags, notepads and sticky notes; all great souvenirs or keepsakes of Melbourne.

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