Whilst travelling in the UK and Europe some time ago my husband and I decided to purchase original artwork from some of the special places we visited. Bored with the enormous tacky array of souvenirs, we decided to find local artists’ work which we could later frame. As we were backpacking we couldn’t really carry such items with us so we had them posted back home in a tube. Once home, we framed them and can be beautifully reminded of our travels. Somehow a $5 plastic snow dome of St Paul’s Cathedral or a keyring just can’t give the same feeling.

But original art is expensive - so how about some locally made, fairly priced souvenirs? But made in Australia please!!!!!

Hence, my search began to source locally made products. Suffice to say it’s pretty damn hard! Australia is expensive so it’s a constant struggle to create product that can be wholesaled at a reasonable price and still make some money. Well, the plain fact is you don’t make much money. And some things like ceramic mugs and blank tea towels aern’t even available in Australia - they are imported from various different countries. So in some cases the original blank item may be sourced offshore but they are printed in Australia. 

I pride myself on trying to keep my products locally made - it is a lot of work but I have taken a lot of time to create original designs of Melbourne’s beautiful landmarks and places. I would like them to be reproduced on products that are as authentic as they are. 

When you purchase a Mopsy Flinders Street Station Tote Bag it is screenprinted in Australia.

Our Love Melbourne cards are made in Australia.

Mopsy Love Melbourne Sticky Notes are made in Australia.

So if you’re looking for a reasonably priced, authentic, Australian made souvenir or keepsake, look no further; whether it’s a tea towel, set of magnets, calico bag, print, notepad or card; Mopsy has it covered. Love Melbourne! Love Australia!



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