This place I was visiting and enjoying all the amazing different sights, sounds and delights was captivating and I wanted something that captured that feeling.

I was inspired to create a range of designs that captured Melbourne and what would appeal to the people that visited.

Hence, my inspiration was what I loved about Melbourne.

Some see my range as a only a souvenir or gift to send overseas, which is part of the story, but I wanted to create something that a Melbournian would want to have in their home and display with pride; a piece of art or keepsake that reflects that they love where they live.

The inspiration is the blending of old, new and quirky; the beautiful and ornate stained glass windows of the Flinders Street Station, the gorgeous architecture of St Kilda Pier, the modern geometric monolith that is Federation Square and the stunning historic Audrey, Skipping Girl Vinegar neon sign. They are all a part of Melbourne’s history and tell a story. 

I then create a design that reflects that story in my own style. It's my own take on Melbourne, not a photo but an interpretation of the place or thing. 

Inspiration is everywhere; it just depends what you do with it.

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